Often society tells us to look or feel a certain way about our bodies. Many of the stories we’ve been told throughout our lifetime – whether friends, family or media – can negatively impact how we view ourselves. It is not uncommon for these messages to drive shame, self-criticism or foster unhealthy thoughts or behaviors.

The Body Acceptance Project is designed to help you challenge negative internalized messages about your body, learn to love and accept yourself without criticism, shame or judgement, and begin to incorporate mindfulness and gratitude toward you and your body.

Group leaders Shelby O’Keefe, a Functional Health Coach, and Breezy Grotzinger, a Therapist, bring a unique set of skills and training that use elements of CBT, Mindfulness, Yoga and Body Movement, to help you challenge negative messages, define and implement a healthy, positive view of self and help you determine what kind of a relationship you want with your body.

  • Unpack the toxic messages that you’ve been told about your body
  • Explore the experiences that have defined your relationship with your body
  • Identify potential triggers that keep you stuck in unhealthy patterns, thoughts or behaviors
  • Notice negative self-talk, shame or judgement of self
  • Shift your awareness of self and body
  • Incorporate gratitude and mindfulness toward yourself and your body
  • Develop healthy tools and skills to combat internal negative messages

To read more about the group leaders:

Shelby O’Keefe, NCB-HWC, A-CFHC https://shelbyokeefehc.com/

Next Session Beginning Fall 2021!

Ages 13-19

Wednesday, September 15 – October 13, 2021

Weekly from 6:00pm – 7:30pm

$235.00 – Register before September 1

$275.00 – Register after September 1

Call (573) 891-1330 or email
[email protected]
for questions!

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