‘I need counseling but I can’t afford $100 a session.’

 ‘I want to start counseling but we’re struggling to make ends meet, I can’t afford counseling.’

 ‘We need couples counseling, but finances are a strain and often the source of frequent arguments in our marriage. We can’t afford the cost of therapy.’

If you’ve thought something similar to the statements above, there is hope! We understand that sometimes life circumstances make it hard to add anything else to the budget. Finding options for affordable counseling can be difficult and MFCC has a unique opportunity to offer you an affordable, sliding scale option that could provide the solution you are looking for!

Our Masters-level student interns are able to offer an affordable option of $50/session. That means that $50 is the most you would pay per session for therapy with our student therapists! When you inquire about services with MFCC, mention that you would like to see the student intern.  Our client liaison will know exactly what to do to get you set up.  Please note, we do require proof of income and household size to determine the affordable fee for you.  Just as a reminder, $50/session will be the max that you would pay. In some cases, there may be the option for a sliding scale in addition to the already low rate of $50/session.


Absolutely! Student counselors are in the final stages of their masters degree programs. This means they have taken most all of the classes needed for education requirements and have moved into the stage of accruing practice counseling hours to meet graduation requirements.  Students are not licensed therapists…yet. But they are working under the supervision of at least one, if not two fully licensed counselors.  This unique opportunity means that you get an affordable payment option while also benefiting from having more than one therapist involved in your therapeutic journey!  Think of it like a team of therapists at your disposal!


  • Student counselors are required to be under weekly supervision. That means that your student counselor will consult at least weekly with their supervisor(s) to talk about how to best help you meet your therapeutic goals.
  • You will be asked to sign a consent form, noting that you understand and agree to seeing a student intern counselor.
  • You will also be asked to sign a consent form noting that you agree to a video recording of the session. Please note, these recordings are done with only the therapist in view of the camera, your face will not be seen at anytime on the recording.  The recording is only for the student to show their supervisors and/or program supervisor to demonstrate progress as a counselor and provide an opportunity for growth and learning.  Once the recording has been viewed the recording will be permanently deleted.  The recording is not attached to your notes or your client record; it is solely used for education requirements for the student counselor.
  • We’re quite selective about all of our team members, including our interns. We believe in our student counselors and work hard to further their education and provide opportunities to develop skills and experience that better equip them to help clients navigate their therapeutic journey. We love our interns and think you will too!