Family therapy offers clients a unique opportunity to peel back the layers that are currently affecting the family, address specific issues and help create a healthy functioning family.  Regardless of the concern that brings you into therapy, family therapy can help act like a reset – a chance to take note of where you’re at, develop new skills, feel understood, and forge a new path together.

  • Are things ‘okay’ in your home and family but you would love to feel closer and more connected?
  • Are you desperate for peace in your home?
  • Struggling with parenting concerns or managing your child’s outbursts or problematic behaviors?
  • Do you have adult children and feel that the relationship could use a boost? 
  • Have years gone by without constructive or positive communication with some or all of your family members?

If you and your family are looking to bring stability, develop resiliency or focus on improving communications and interactions with each other, the therapists here at MFCC are ready to help.

It’s never too late to invest in counseling as a family.


Working with a therapist as a family can help you begin to heal by naming, understanding, and addressing the transitions, issues or problems that are creating friction or disconnect in your family.

It’s no secret that each family member and their behaviors directly impact other family members. Even if it feels like just one family member is struggling, the reality is that likely others – if not the whole family – are also struggling. Coming together to address the impact of loss, past trauma, addiction or disconnect has had on each member of the family can be the first step towards healing and repair.

If you’re looking to get on the same page with your family members, (regardless if your family is blood-related) find ways to work together towards a collective goal, or develop a stronger sense of ‘family,’ Family Therapy may be what you’re looking for.

Reach out today if you’re ready to find help for your family. Working with a trained family therapist can help you and your loved ones heal, develop a sense of unity, find a collective goal and better navigate the specific concerns your family is facing.

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Individual therapy is geared towards the individual in the room – and while background, experiences and relationships may be talked about in therapy, the focus of individual therapy is the individual’s viewpoint of these experiences and the concerns they are going through.

Couples Therapy can feel quite similar to Family Therapy in that there is more than one person and one viewpoint in the room to account for, and both person’s experiences and understanding of issues directly affects the other partner.

Unlike individual or couples therapy, Family Therapy takes an ‘all family members’ approach and creates space for every member of the family. Validating past experiences, honoring the many perspectives and emotions that are represented when more than one person is present, and taking into account the overall family dynamics are what make Family Therapy a unique and rewarding experience.

The difficulties and transitions that families face daily can feel overwhelming! Parenting a brand new baby, experiencing behavioral problems with children or teens, the loss of a parent or child, adapting to an aging parent – any one of these can cause a family to struggle at times.

  • Warm, supportive, inclusive and holistic
  • Non-judgmental and non-shaming
  • Curiosity about the concerns and challenges you’re facing
  • Questions about the family history, styles of communication and conflict
  • Space to share your perspective
  • Medical or mental health diagnosis of a child or parent
  • Children exhibiting symptoms of depression, anxiety, recurrent unrealistic fears, bullying, anger
  • Addiction: alcohol, drug or substance, pornography etc.
  • Adolescents with anger, substance or alcohol abuse, eating disorders, cutting, suicidal thoughts, social, school or relationship conflicts
  • Significant trauma or event affecting the whole family: cross-country move, incarceration of a family member, natural disaster
  • Couples who are chronically fighting or in turmoil, having communication issues, experiencing abuse, angry, or depressed
  • Unexpected loss of a family member
  • Introduction of a new family member, new baby, foster child etc.
  • Domestic violence or abuse
  • Divorce or separation, or introduction of a new step-parent


While there are many benefits of engaging in therapy, just some of the benefits you and your family may experience include:

IMPROVED COMMUNICATION – Every relationship can use help with effective communication strategies from time to time. Families are no different! Develop tools to communicate openly and honestly and better navigate difficult circumstances.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION – Conflict in families is inevitable – but knowing how to resolve conflict when it happens can mean the difference between building resentment or understanding and empathy. Better understand family members’ patterns, behaviors, and emotions – and view this as an opportunity to connect on a deeper level.

STRONGER  RELATIONSHIP BONDS – With open communication, a deeper understanding of the security and ‘place’ each family member is looking for, appropriate and healthy boundaries, and increasing compassion towards one another, families often find a renewed sense of closeness with Family Therapy.

ADDRESSING PROBLEMATIC BEHAVIORS  – For families that are experiencing behavioral issues with children, older teens or other household members, family counseling can help address the root causes of the behaviors and collectively find solutions

BETTER NAVIGATE DIFFICULT TRANSITIONS – Transitions can be hard and lonely. Divorce, birth of a new sibling, loss of a loved one – any transition can impact family members in different ways. Family counseling can help you learn better ways to navigate transitions, develop an awareness of the transitions impact on other family members, and help you heal and move forward together.

Whatever concern, stage of life, life transition or problem your family is experiencing – we are here to help you heal or learn to better navigate.

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