What if the therapist judges me?

Regardless of how bad you think the issue you’re dealing with is or how embarrassing it may be – therapists are trained to meet you where you’re at, to hold unconditional regard for you, and to check their biases and judgment at the door when meeting with you. The [...]

So, What Do You Talk About In Couples Counseling Anyway?

What do we NOT talk about in couples therapy!?  Truthfully though, there really is nothing that you should feel uncomfortable about bringing up in a therapy appointment.  The topics explored by clients are wide and vast, depending on the couple and what brings them into therapy. There are no [...]

How To Keep Conflict From Tearing Your Relationship Apart.

In any relationship, conflict is inevitable. Sometimes couples feel their entire relationship is perpetually filled with conflict. Others may not have felt like they experienced much conflict until well after the proverbial ‘honeymoon phase’ was over. And then there are the few that might say they’ve never really fought [...]

Looking to Make Change? Four Ways to Make It Last!

We often think of ‘change’ when we hit a new season in life, or are excited by a new relationship, or perhaps when a new year rolls around. All of these are likely times that we pursue implementing changes in our lives – or change is forced upon us, [...]

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