We understand that not everyone’s needs are necessarily marriage or family related, and our counselors are trained and experienced to work with individuals of all ages. Individuals can expect the same tailored and personalized approach MFCC offers for marriage and family clients. Seeking counseling as an individual means that your specific needs, problems or issues can be the focus of the counseling sessions.

We help clients learn effective coping skills for stress, anxiety or depression, understand and overcome unwanted behavior patterns, heal from the loss of a loved one, process through trauma or significant life issues, understand a mental health diagnosis, or navigate the various transitions, difficulties and challenges of life.

Often counseling is viewed as only for those in crisis or facing serious issues, but many individuals find significant benefit from seeking counseling even when everything is going well.  Counseling can provide a great environment for personal enrichment, and a way to find new meaning and purpose, a deeper sense of self, or a new perspective on situations.  Individuals are also able to boost self-esteem and assertiveness and learn how to take a more active role to create a richer, more meaningful life.


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