Marriage & Family Counseling Center (MFCC) offers couples a safe, empathetic and non-judgmental environment where they can improve their relationship, work through issues or hurdles they may have difficulty moving past or find healing and restoration. MFCC does not claim that counseling will cure all, but when couples are open to working on their issues and realize the immense benefit of talking about their emotions and feelings, they often experience a greater emotional connection and a more satisfying relationship overall.

 “Timing is an essential element in whether marriage counseling works. Unfortunately, most couples wait much too long to reach out for help repairing their marriage. Couples wait an average of six years of being unhappy before getting help. Think about this statistic for a few minutes. Couples have six years to build up resentment before they begin the important work of learning to resolve differences in effective ways.”

– Dr. John Gottman

MFCC offers counseling for couples in various stages of life that encompasses a wide array of issues couples normally face. Whatever place couples find themselves, MFCC tailors sessions to specifically target and address those needs.  Click the links below to see more of how MFCC can help.

Couples who feel like their relationship is doing well, whose interactions are more positive and healthy than negative, whose emotional connection is good, and who handle conflict well are in an ideal position to utilize what marriage or couples counseling can provide. Counseling isn’t just relegated to those who are in crisis mode.  Couples who see counseling as a preventative measure are proactive about improving their relationship, instead of reacting to a crisis down the road. Pursuing counseling when a couple is doing well can have the added benefits of learning to increase positive and healthy interactions, boost emotional connection, and take relationship intimacy to a richer, deeper place by continuing to focus on the strengths of the couple and adding building blocks to an already strong foundation.

It is not uncommon for couples to enter a relationship expecting to encounter minimal conflict, have excellent communication, or always stay emotionally connected. Unfortunately, life is full of surprises and difficulties, and often the best of intentions become inadequate. When relationships are no longer at their best, or couples desire more connection, counseling can help define unrealistic expectations and offer insight into patterns and issues that may be having a negative impact. Counseling can also provide an environment for couples to problem-solve more effectively, engage in empathetic and active communication, and reduce conflict. Experiencing conflict in any relationship is unavoidable but learning how to resolve conflict can be a defining factor for turning a struggling relationship into a flourishing one. Counseling is an invaluable resource for couples desiring to relate to one another more effectively.

Counseling can also offer insight, encouragement and resources to help couples who are finding significant life transitions difficult.  When couples experience a serious health diagnosis, feel unprepared to be empty nesters, or experience the loss of a loved one, it can be challenging to adapt, grieve or cope with the new reality. Counseling offers the opportunity to process the change and find healing and resilience together.

Counseling can provide a safe, neutral outside perspective to help bring clarity and direction to those who feel their relationship is on the brink of disaster.  Working with a counselor to identify potentially toxic or dysfunctional patterns and interactions, honestly assess the relationship, and determine impasses can aid couples in beginning the steps to salvage their relationship. Counseling can help couples learn to communicate in a more positive manner, begin rebuilding trust that may have eroded over time, and find common ground again to begin healing and the process of repair.

While couples counseling is typically designed to aid the couple in growing closer together and finding healing when necessary, couples counseling is invaluable in times of distress. The counselors at MFCC believe even in the most broken and seemingly hopeless relationships it is possible to work towards healing, restoration and renewed commitment to each other. However, we also recognize this is not always a possibility or desire for every couple. The counselors at MFCC are available to help couples find the most healthy and constructive manner to end their relationship, if this is the path they feel is best. Counseling can help couples reduce emotional destruction or hostility while going through the divorce process by providing guidelines and steps for focusing on parenting, financial or other pertinent issues.

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**Please note that that MFCC counselors are NOT court appointed mediators.

**Counseling is not the best immediate or appropriate step if domestic violence, psychological, emotional or mental abuse is currently present in the relationship. If MFCC determines these issues are present and we are not the best option for your situation, our counselors will be able to help you determine other steps or resources that best fit your situation.