Student Counselor

We spend a lot of days in the heaviness of the messy middle: somewhere between the really great days and the really hard days. Maybe it’s trauma from your past, anxiety about your future, or uncertainty about today. Wherever you are, you don’t have to be there alone. With acceptance and compassion, I can meet you along your healing journey. With validation and support, I can encourage your next steps. I provide a safe space to unpack your story, explore your feelings, and learn how to move forward. Authenticity is invited, and healing is encouraged. No expectations. No judgements. Together, we can untangle the messiness, grieve the hard days, and celebrate the great days. And just maybe- along this journey together, the messy middle might feel just a little bit lighter.

My areas of interest include:

Adult Individuals


Couples Therapy


Divorce Healing

Life Transitions


Spiritual/Religious Abuse

Teens and Adults

Trauma Recovery

To help you meet your goals, my approach pulls from Emotion Focused, Attachment Based, Cognitive Behavioral, and Person Centered Therapies.

Experience, Education, and Training:

I am a second-year graduate student at Central Methodist University’s Master of Science in Clinical Counseling program. I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Columbia College. My professional and life experiences allow me to not just relate to clients, but to create an authentic space built on empathy and understanding.