The Hold Me Tight Workshop is specifically designed for couples to build intimacy and emotional connection, understand negative patterns that cause conflict, and restore and transform their relationship. At the workshop, you will identify the destructive cycle you are in, and get to the root of the real issues so you can learn to move past initial reactions and understand what your partner is really trying to communicate.

“The key to restoring connection is, first, interrupting and dismantling these destructive sequences and then actively constructing a more emotionally open and receptive way of interacting, one in whcih partners feel safe confiding their hidden fears and longings” – Sue Johnson


We would highly recommend this workshop for any couple who is looking to take their realtionship deeper. This workshop helped us recognize the patterns we get into during conflict and that awareness has helped us change our overall understanding of each other.

Previous Participant, 2021 MFCC Hold Me Tight Workshop

At first we were very unsure about attending a workshop with other couples, but we are so glad we did! One of the best things we experienced during our weekend workshop was recognizing that we are not alone in some of our relational experiences.  Hearing from other participants, watching the vidoes and hearing the presenter was so helfpul for normalizing our experiences. If you’re on the fence, please just go. I promise you’ll benefit and so will your relationship!

Previous Participant, 2022 MFCC Hold Me Tight Workshop

Do it! It was better than I expected, and very helfpul.

Previous Participant, 2022 MFCC Hold Me Tight Workshop

Attend and go for it, [it’s] worth your while.

Previous Participant, 2022 MFCC Hold Me Tight Workshop

Just do it.

Previous Participant, 2021 MFCC Hold Me Tight Workshop

The investment is a small price to pay for the overall return, as having a better more fulfilling relationship is priceless.

Previous Participant, 2023 MFCC Hold Me Tight Workshop

We’ve done couples therapy before and appreciated what we learned during that time. We weren’t sure what else we would learn during a weekend intensive but we were so grateful we went anyway! We walked away with knowing how and why we get sucked into conflict cycles, a better understanding of our own emotions and how those show up in almost all of our conflict, and finally tangible ways to get out of that conflict when emotions are high.

Previous Participant, 2023 MFCC Hold Me Tight Workshop


Understand the root causes of conflict

Identify what is under the surface for you and your partner when conflict occurs, and understand the story you tell yourself, and how it affects your connection to your partner.

Change Interactions

Change negative patterns that keep you feeling frustrated and disconnected from your partner

Heal and repair old wounds and hurts

Heal from wounds that you may have carried for years, repair the damage that has been done, and restore a sense of safety to the relationship

Establish new ways to engage

Learn new ways to communicate with your partner, become accessible to your partner and deepen the emotional and physical connection with your partner.


Our Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop is for couples who are struggling to move past the arguments, who feel perpetually disconnected or lonely in their relationship, as well as for couples who are in a good place, but are looking to take their relationship to the next level.  The materials presented and the concepts of Hold Me Tight are applicable to all stages of relationships, and couples of any age.

2 hour  Weekly Workshops

Our weekly 2 hour workshops are designed for those who have difficulty finding the time for a weekend workshop.  Enjoy a slower pace and a week in between sessions to maximize skill building at home.

2-Day Weekend Workshops

Maximize your time investment with our 2-day weekend workshops.  These 2-Day Workshops pack the equivalent of over 14 hours of couples therapy into one weekend saving you time and money, while providing space for you to fully immerse yourself over the weekend.

This is not your average workshop!  No boring content, no speaking at you – or just telling you what to do. This workshop will engage you start to finish, offer new perspectives and helpful techniques that you can implement immediately, and provide you with opportunities to practice these skills in-the-moment alone with your partner.

April workshops are now closed. Please review our Fall Workshops and consider joining us then!

April workshops are now closed. Please review our Fall Workshops and consider joining us then!


Hold Me Tight Workshops at MFCC are not your average couples workshop!  This workshop is engaging, informative and packed with tangible and helpful information to help couples transform their relationships.
The workshop includes a mix of experiential and education components including facilitated group presentations and education, videos that highlight and build on the skills taught in group sessions, and exercises designed for couples to implement the skills and tools immediately.

Hold Me Tight Workshops walk through 7 different conversations over the course of the workshop.  These conversations become the basis for how couples build intimacy, develop deeper understanding of behaviors and patterns that keep them stuck in conflict or negative interactions, understand the emotions that surface, and foster different ways of communicating with your partner.

The 7 conversations build on each other, and though certainly have stand-alone components, are best explored start to finish. Each element of the workshop includes aspects designed specifically to help you improve your relationship.

While there is a group component to the workshop, you are never required to speak or engage publicly if you are uncomfortable.  When couples work through the exercises together, these are done in a private area away from other couples.

If you experience a snag in plans after you’ve signed up for the workshop and need to cancel, please note the following for possible refund options:

There is a non-refundable $50.00 administrative fee.

Cancelations with at least 30 days notice will receive a full refund minus a $50.00 administrative fee.

Cancellations made between 2 weeks – 4 weeks notice will receive a 50% refund minus a $50.00 administrative fee.

Cancellations made with less than 2 weeks notice are not eligible for a refund. However, we will be happy to transfer your registration to a future workshop to be used at any point within 1 year from the date of the workshop.

Is this workshop better than starting couples therapy?

It’s no secret that as therapists who do couples counseling, we’re big fans of therapy! Traditional couples counseling can be a great option for couples. It provides a personalized option where you’re able to meet one-on-one with the therapist weekly to take a deep dive into the issues that you are navigating in your relationship. For some couples, having the weekly space and the ability to ‘check-in’ with a therapist is what they need. For others, the idea of weekly sessions can feel too open-ended or not provide relief or results as quickly as they’d like.  For these couples, couples workshops or couples intensives can be the better option as it packs the material and skills into a shorter time frame, typically a weekend or 1-2 day format.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong – both are great options for any couple who is looking to improve their relationship. It’s important to find what works best for you.

This workshop is great for couples who don’t have time to commit to weekly sessions, or are in weekly sessions with a therapist and just looking for additional support, or couples who are ready to dive in and get the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.

It’s also worth noting that doing a workshop as a jumpstart to couples therapy or doing a workshop in conjunction with couples therapy is also a great alternative. It doesn’t have to be one or the other, it really comes down to what’s going to help you the most right now.

Which couples is Hold Me Tight ideal for?

  • Feel distant from their partner or feel like they’re just roommates
  • Have busy schedules or arranging childcare is difficult
  • Feel like they can’t consistently make a commitment to weekly sessions
  • Feel like they’re in crisis but are both committed to making the relationship work
  • Are struggling with conflict, communication or feeling disconnected from their partner
  • Are already seeing a therapist but feel like they need more than weekly sessions right now
  • Are doing well overall but would like a boost to their relationship
  • Crave a deeper emotional connection with their partner
  • Are looking to reconnect or restore their relationship

Hold Me Tight workshop not a good fit for:

  • Who don’t have the same goals for the relationship (if one wants to work on the marriage and the other does not) if both partners are committed to doing the work and have the same goald in mind for the relationship but just don’t see how to improve things, this workshop would be a good option
  • Where there is an ongoing affair (this workshop can work well for those who are healing from an affair, but it is not the best place for those who are currently still having an affair)
  • Who have a volatile relationship or are unable to be next to each other in the same room for an extended period of time without fighting or conflict ensuing
  • Where there is active intimate partner violence occurring in the relationship
  1. RECOGNIZING DEMON DIALOGUES – Identify the patterns or negative loops that happen in your relationship that leave you feeling disconnected from your partner, misunderstood and in conflict
  2. FINDING THE ‘RAW SPOTS’ – Understand your immediate response to conflict with your partner, and uncover the raw spots that are being hit
  3. REVISITING A ROCKY MOMENT – Implement new skills to deescalate conflict, repair wounds and build emotional safety
  4. HOLD ME TIGHT – Move into a place of openness and vulnerability, become more accessible, emotionally responsive to your partner and more engaged with each other
  5. FORGIVING INJURIES – This isn’t about forgiving and forgetting, it’s about repairing past wounds, offering apologies that feel genuine, and extending forgiveness that propels you as a couple towards deeper connection
  6. BONDING THROUGH SEX & TOUCH – Find how emotional connection creates great sex and great sex creates deeper emotional connection
  7. KEEPING YOUR LOVE ALIVE – A great relationship is a process of continually improving and maintaining connection and closeness

Hold Me Tight the workshop for couples was created by Dr. Sue Johnson, a therapist, researcher, author and developer of Emotionally Focused Therapy. Dr. Sue Johnson is also the founder of the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT). “EFT is recognized by the American Psychological Association as empirically proven.” ( )”Hold Me Tight®” is a registered trademark to Sue Johnson.

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