Though pre-marital counseling can be done without a formal program or plan, we find the use of the assessments, tools and research of the PREPARE/ENRICH program to be a very effective method for pre-marital counseling.  Working with our counselors through the assessments, specific conversation topics and research-backed skills of PREPARE/ENRICH will equip you with new strategies and give you a deeper understanding of your relationship.

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Topics included in the PREPARE/ENRICH program

  • Communication Styles

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Finances

  • Intimacy, Affection & Sex

  • Children/Parenting

  • Religion/Spirituality and Faith Beliefs

  • Family-of-Origin and In-Laws

  • Relationships Roles

  • Personal Values, Styles & Habits

  • Personality Types

Because of the comprehensive approach of the PREPARE/ENRICH program, we encourage couples to set aside 5-6 sessions to allow for adequate coverage of the materials and offer time to reflect and complete assignments between sessions.

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