How Is Spiritual Abuse Different From Religious Trauma?

Spiritual abuse is an event or series of experiences a person endures from a religious leader or organization. It can be acutely traumatizing at the time, but it is more often slow, subtle, and insidious. Religious trauma is the ongoing effect that spiritual abuse can have on a person. Entering a church building [...]

How Can Therapy Help With Spiritual Abuse or Religious Trauma?

Religious trauma includes both a spiritual nature, as well as the physiological and psychological experience of the abuse and trauma. Much like therapy helps victims of sexual, emotional or physical abuse, therapy can also help those who have been spiritually abused in many of the same ways. Your experience deserves [...]

What Is Spiritual Abuse?

Religious groups, churches and faith communities are an important and significant part of life for many people. Members often find comfort, community and hope through these organizations.  While these are certainly welcoming and healthy aspects of faith-based organizations, sometimes these seemingly attractive aspects of religion mask very unhealthy and toxic components.   [...]

Cognitive Distortions

Cognitive distortions are also known as “thinking errors”, and we all experience them. Like most cognitive functions, these “errors” usually begin as adaptive processes, examples of the way that our personal lens shapes the way we interpret our lives and relationships. But when they become distorted, they can start to take a toll [...]

Speaker – Listener / A Simple Way to Improve Communication

Do you find that sometimes you and your partner struggle to really hear and understand what each other are saying? Do you find that often discussions spiral into fights or arguments? Working to change the way you communicate with your partner will help change negative communication cycles [...]

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