If you missed the blog post this past week about ‘Finding Calm In The Chaos’ we encourage you to read it HERE. It’s no secret that things are in a bit of upheaval in our world as of late, due to the rapidly spreading global pandemic, or COVID-19.  Depending on where you live you have likely been encouraged to practice social distancing, or if you’re like our city, currently experiencing a more extensive quarantine, where many stores are currently closed, those that are open are operating with reduced open hours, and all but ‘essential personnel’ are supposed to stay home, with the exception of getting physical exercise or the occasional run to the grocery store.  This has significantly changed how most all of us work, play and socialize, which certainly affects overall mental health, anxiety and depression.

In our post about ‘Finding Calm In The Chaos’ we took a look at how being intentional about fostering more comfort, togetherness and slowing down during this uninvited but perhaps much needed time at home can help boost mental health, reduce anxiety and depression, and aid in lessening the difficulties of social isolation.

We understand how difficult this time can be for many.  It is okay to grieve the things in your life that are now missing or cut off. It is okay if you feel like you’ve lost all motivation. It is okay if you are muddling your way through ‘homeschooling’ or ‘unschooling’ or even if you’re just barely schooling at all. It is okay if you struggle to find any norm to your days currently.

We would simply like to offer an alternative to grasp on to; the hope that a life of Hygge can offer even in a time of crisis and upheaval. It certainly does not diminish the difficulty that COVID-19 quarantine brings, and it won’t make the pain of physical distancing stop, but we do hope that it might encourage you. That it might bring an element of comfort and peace into your days.  By adopting the concept of Hygge into your daily life, you can create a sense of stability and calm, even if only inside your own home. We encourage you to consider these thoughts:

What brings the calm into your home?

How could you embrace togetherness in your home this week?

What are the small things that you put off for another time that you could do right now?

How could you embrace the messy and the chaos and choose to enjoy the aspects that you can control?

What makes your home feel comfortable?

What are the things, places and routines that provide a sense of Hygge for you and your family?

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Want to incorporate Hygge in your home today?

Here are 10 Ways to Foster Togetherness, Calm & Comfort in the Midst of Chaos: Bringing Hygge Into Your Home:

Download 10 Ways to Bring Hygge Into Your Home

And here are 10 Ways to Foster Togetherness, Calm & Comfort in the Midst of Chaos: Bringing Hygge Into Your Home with Children:

Download 10 Ways to Bring Hygge Into Your Home with Children

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