What do we NOT talk about in couples therapy!?  Truthfully though, there really is nothing that you should feel uncomfortable about bringing up in a therapy appointment.  The topics explored by clients are wide and vast, depending on the couple and what brings them into therapy. There are no ‘off-limits’ conversations or issues when it comes to what you as a couple want to work through.

Here are some of the most common issues that therapists help couples through in their sessions together – though this is certainly not an exhaustive list.


By and large, this is one of the most common issues couples bring into therapy. It’s no secret why either, as we all have different ideas and experiences with communicating with others, as does our partner. Merging two people with two potentially very different backgrounds can certainly make for difficulties in communicating – especially when things get tough, or conversations are more difficult to have than others.


Conflict is a close second to communication and can be a challenging thing for couples to navigate.  Partners may perceive conflict differently or have very different definitions of conflict.  When this is the case, topics that may feel benign to you can be at the front and center of what feels like an intense conflict with your partner. For more on why the repair is as important if not more important than the conflict itself, click here.


Whether it is parenting biological children through difficult stages, or helping new parents navigate what feels like overwhelming new territory, to blended families – parenting can be a great source of friction in a relationship. Bringing these concerns into couples therapy can help you slow down, hear your partner’s perspective differently, and have conversations that help you navigate these concerns in a more productive manner.

Sex. Yes, sex.

You might be surprised just how often the topic of sex or issues surrounding sexual intimacy surface in the therapy room. (Or maybe you aren’t surprised at all!) Either way – couples therapy can be a great place to help you work through any issues pertaining to sexual intimacy. From addressing low libido, mismatched sex drives, to navigating intimacy with small children or boredom in the bedroom – your couple’s therapist will not be shocked at all by these conversations.  It’s quite possible that your therapist will even straight-up ask you how your sex life is going because they know that intimacy plays a huge part in a couple’s deeper connection.


Infidelity is probably one issue that you’re not surprised to see on this list. After all, for years there has been a big stigma surrounding seeking couples counseling and many have felt that couples counseling is relegated only to those who have ‘big problems’ like infidelity.  In couples therapy, you can explore why the infidelity occurred, explore where both partners are at in terms of desiring to repair the relationship and work on how to rebuild trust in the relationship.

While these are some of the more common issues that are often brought into couples therapy, they are by no means the only things that can be explored in therapy. Other topics to explore and process in therapy could be:

  • Substance or alcohol use
  • Feeling disconnected from your partner
  • Managing anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns
  • Life stages
  • Past or present trauma
  • How to be happier or more satisfied in your relationship
  • Understanding the negative loops that keep you in conflict
  • Grief or loss

Ultimately the range of issues that can be addressed in couples therapy is vast! Whatever issues or concerns you feel would be helpful to process in a couple’s therapy session you should feel welcome to bring up. A licensed therapist is trained to navigate issues in a respectful, professional, and confidential manner – and if it is an issue that they are not particularly trained in they will let you know and assist in providing referrals to a provider who has more experience.

Ready to invest in your relationship?  Schedule a session now to begin improving your relationship!

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