January and the New Year can often bring feelings of hope and desire for change. For some of us, thinking about ‘New Years Resolutions’ brings a sense of purpose or drive that fosters a desire to alter things in our lives that need improvement or change. But for many of us, thinking anything along the lines of a ‘resolution’ evokes fear, a sense of impending failure, or maybe even dread. If you find yourself in the latter camp, know that you are not alone! The good news is, even if just thinking about making a resolution makes you panic and break out in a sweat, there are still ways you can embark on making changes in your life that you desire and seek to do so in a manner that brings long-lasting change.

Sustainable Change

What if, instead of looking at making New Year’s Resolutions, we look at what ‘Life Goals’ or ‘Sustainable Changes’ we can incorporate in 2019? In order to make changes that are sustainable in our every day lives, they must be accompanied with a sustainable plan, and fill us with a sense of purpose instead of a feeling of dread. Sustainable change is when something has switched from a ‘quick fix’ approach to a new way of looking at or doing things. A classic example is weight loss: Perhaps a vegetable and chicken only diet would have the quick-fix change Sam* is looking for, but would meeting with a dietitian and devising a plan for healthy eating that Sam could follow for life provide a more sustainable and long-term plan?

Maybe your hopes for 2019 don’t include weight loss or exercise goals, (It’s okay! We’re not experts in those areas!) but they look more like:

  • figuring out how to manage crippling anxiety,
  • learning how to live with your depression instead of suffer through it,
  • how to communicate better to your spouse,
  • or how to connect better with your children.

We Can Help!

If creating ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ fills you with a sense of dread, and you’re ready to take steps towards making sustainable change, contact MFCC and work with one of our counselors to help you create lasting life-long change. Whatever family, personal, relationship or mental health challenges you may have, MFCC can help you create change for 2019 and beyond.