Religious trauma includes both a spiritual nature, as well as the physiological and psychological experience of the abuse and trauma. Much like therapy helps victims of sexual, emotional or physical abuse, therapy can also help those who have been spiritually abused in many of the same ways. Your experience deserves someone who “gets it,” but most counselors and coaches aren’t equipped to address spiritual abuse. You need a professional who will hold space for you while you navigate the significant and life-changing effects of adverse religious experiences.  Someone who can say:

Religious trauma is real. 

Spiritual abuse is real. 

Though wounds from both may run deep, 

It is possible to heal and move forward. 

Our team of spiritual abuse & religious trauma professionals are also survivors, so when we say “we get it,” we really mean it! Our team specializes in caring for individuals who have been impacted by spiritual abuse or religious trauma. We are uniquely trained and experienced to help you overcome, heal and move forward through trauma-informed care, EMDR, somatic (body-based) approaches to healing as well as psychotherapy and supportive groups.

Therapy for spiritual abuse can help:  

  • Define & understand what spiritual abuse is, and the context in which you were abused 
  • Process through the impact that spiritual abuse has had on you 
  • Heal parts damaged by spiritual abuse  
  • Explore and define ways that spirituality or religion has been fulfilling or healing  
  • Unpack the feelings and emotions surrounding spiritual abuse  
  • Provide a stable and supportive environment while navigating loneliness and loss of community  
  • Validate, affirm and feel seen when large parts of your life have shifted 
  • Determine what your spiritual journey has meant for you over the years 
  • Understand what your personal identity within the church or faith-based organization has looked like. (This is particularly helpful for those who ‘grew up in the church.’)  
  • Navigate what your journey and next steps towards healing might look like 

Ultimately, there are several ways that therapy for spiritual abuse can be helpful. By exploring how spirituality or religion has potentially created a dissonance in your life: it has been both an important and fulfilling aspect of your personal life, as well as a source of deep wounds and abuse;  therapy can offer you a non-judgmental, safe and empathetic space to begin your healing journey. 


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